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Rings, Re-redux

As some of you may be aware, we lost one of our beloved companions, Phouka, late in February.  It was sudden, unexpected, and following a short but intense illness.  Vet bills, medicines, tests and the rest rather took a chunk of the money we had set aside for paying for the wedding, and we fairly quickly came to the realisation that we needed to economise quite a lot – and with a scant 10 weeks in which to do so.  The single largest “big ticket item” yet remaining is the rings.  So, Himself and I discussed the matter.  Rather a bit.  Finally, we came to the conclusion that we simply weren’t going to be able to get the rings we’d planned.  And when we reached that agreement, I finally felt like it might be alright to confess that, really, I wasn’t that fussed on them to begin with, but was willing to compromise on that point because Himself seemed to be absolutely over the moon about them.  Well, wouldn’t you know, Himself then confided that he’d thought that all my wittering when I was finding things to like about them was me declaring that I was absolutely in love with them, and he was therefore trying to move Heaven and Earth to get them for us.  Once again, Himself and I very nearly went all Gift of the Magi.

And so it is that the hunt for The Rings resumed.  Rather a bit frantically, as you might imagine, being now a mere 8 weeks and a bit from The Big Day ™.

I am pleased to report that the search has ended with the discovery of George and Suzan Postgate, and their shop, Postgate Fine Jewelers.  After a bit of dithering, here’s what we’ve settled on:

For Himself:

Greenman Ring by Postgate Jewelers

For Myself:

Floral band by Postgate Jewelers


I have to admit, these suit us much better.  And, the pair together will cost us less than one of the rings we’d picked before.  In fact, we’ll have just enough to cover them with Himself’s tax refund, which is due in the next week or so.

Life has a funny way of working out, doesn’t it?

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