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Fancypants…well, Fancytop at any rate

So we had the dress picked out, ordered, made, and paid for….but I still hadn’t found what I liked for myself!  And since I wasn’t going to marry my Faerie Princess unless I looked suitably like a Prince, doublet-shopping I went.

We found something that was very interesting that we both liked quite a bit, but disappointingly the vendor was…challenging to work with.   Undeterred, we continued our search, and found Judith on EBay.  She makes doublets like this one:

…and precisely my size!  It is now hanging in my closet for the Big Day ™.  It fits like it was made for me, and works very well to give me that suave princely air.  🙂  So that’s one of the big items off of my personal checklist.

For a top, I’m planning on something fairly blowsy and frilly, with black pants (silk!).  I’m eying a pair of boots from Museum Replicas pretty thoughtfully as well.  So the next question is, what if anything do I put on my head?

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