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Rings and Things

Herself and I have been agonizing over rings for a while now.  We wanted something that would express a number of our own values, while still being recognizable as  wedding rings.  Yesterday we visited Abracadbra Jewelry and Gem Gallery,  and worked with the incredibly patient Katherine as we dithered over metals, stones, and so forth.

What we settled on will look a great deal like this, with rose gold and meterorite, with a single stone inset for each.  They had a very unusual sapphire that is a deep purple with what looks like hundreds of tiny multicolored stars within.  They are going to search for something that will correspond with it, and then Herself and I will discuss who gets which stone…  In the meantime we are both wearing “sizing rings”; since they custom make each ring, they can size them very precisely.  The rings we’re wearing now will allow us to see if the size is comfortable for us during everyday wear, how well they stay on overnight/showering/during extended gaming sessions, and so forth.  A pretty nifty idea!

The precious metals are all recycled, and the stones are all ethically sourced, so we feel really good about the provenance of the rings when all is said and done.  And there really -is- something about having starmetal on your finger–we may not have travelled quite as far to find each other, but our love will last at least as long.

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