…sharing the same cup of water


The first time we went into Abracadabra, Himself positively fell in love with this dark and dusky purple sapphire, which we immediately put a deposit on, even though we hadn’t decided whether it should go in my ring or his. We discussed the improbability of finding a stone to match it, but Katherine said she would see what she could do. She gave us the “sizing trial” rings and we made an appointment to see her again the following week.

Katherine got in touch with the fellow she’d gotten the original stone from and he sent a few options for stones that, if not matching, would at least pair well. He did a rather remarkable job of it, I must say, as there was a slightly smaller stone in the batch that’s a shockingly close a match! Yay! So, now, both stones have deposits down and the ring styles have been chosen!

Two sapphires Two sapphires, picture taken with flash on.

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