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Dress squee

So, I’ve been in love with Gypsy Moon designs for, like, ever, though I have sadly never purchased anything, as the sizes there are a wee bit small for me.  In contemplating our new Fae inspiration for a theme, however, I went trawling that site and a few others, looking for ideas for a dress.  I saw lots and lots of very pretty things that suited exactly the sort of thing I’m envisioning, but are completely infeasible unless I lose about four inches… not really the best way to deal with a dress for the big day, that.

In poking around the website, however, I came across a few mentions of being able to accomodate custom orders and on a lark, really, decided I’d write and see if they’d even consider doing something in my size.

Candace, the owner, replied to my email in under half an hour, letting me know she’d be pleased to work with me on something for the big day.  We’ve gone back and forth in email a few times, I’ve sent her my measurements and a few photos, and now… the designer whose work I’ve adored for years is custom designing my wedding dress!  ~squeeeeee~  And for less than Himself and I had budgeted to spend!  Eeeee!!!! ~muppetflail~

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