Two Dippy Birds…

…sharing the same cup of water


Himself and I have spent a fair bit of time pawing through papercrafting magazines and the scrapbooking aisle of our local craft store, trying to sort out what to do about those fiddly bits of paper folks like to have to tell them the when and where of these sorts of parties. Sadly, we’ve been having a terrible time of it. We like this or that or the other, but not quite thus, or a little more that, or a tad less sommat. On a lark, whilst we were prowling the mall for I can’t remember what, we stopped in at the closest thing I’ve been able to find to a stationer’s in Ann Arbor, Papyrus. I figured I’d sit Himself down at the Big Books of Invitations ™, and see if anything gave us an idea or two about what to craft.

After a wee while, one of the clerks stops in on us to inquire if there’s anything in particular we’d like, so we asked if they had anything in recycled paper, not expecting much luck there. We were quite pleasantly surprised when the clerk dug out a book from Naturally Ever After, who apparently specialise in recycled paper wedding invitations utilising 30% post-consumer fibres! I’m pleased to report that we have now sorted our invitations, as well, and those will be getting ordered some time in the winter.

Photography, eh?

I’ve been in touch with Darby, at Bullinger Photography, again.  We’ve talked rather a bit over email about the special circumstances inherent in photographing a Wiccan handfasting ceremony and she’s been just wonderful about the whole thing.  Her questions have been thoughtful and interesting.  Himself and I are really quite pleased to be working with her.  Both of us really are taken with her work… traditional, but not predictable and she does a very fine job of capturing the personalities of the bride and groom in her pictures, with warmth and sensitivity. 

She also meets a few of our more fiddly requirements… she offers black & white and sepia tone photographs at no extra charge and she will sell us a CD of all the pictures (including all photo rights), for a reasonable fee.

We’ve received the contract this morning and will be putting the deposit down fairly sharpish.  Now, we’re debating an engagement photo shoot… possibly someplace lovely in the summer, or maybe autumn…

Save the Date!

On Saturday, 19 May 2012, we will be hosting a garden tea party in the sleepy little Midwestern city of Tecumseh, Michigan. 

In order to help facilitate your comfort in attending — as well as to document our own descent into madness — we will be adding various bits and bobs to this website over the next year and a half or so, offering details about the theme, location and various things we have undertaken in order to bring our vision of the day to fruition.

We do hope you’ll be able to make it.