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The gift of your presence…

Himself and I waffled on this rather a lot.  At first, we looked around at our house and lives, said, “eh,” and resolved to not register at all.  As trite as it may sound, truly, your presence at our wedding is all the gift we need.  … then we were told that some people would completely disregard that direction and, in the absence of guidance, would guess at our decorating and ethical preferences… let’s just say we were strongly encouraged to sort out a gift registry.

So we started looking around for stores we could register with, but none of the big box stores that offer such a service offered enough of the items that meet our preferences… trying to “buy local” in a gift registry is nigh-impossible, so we looked for at least domestically-made goods, preferably made from organic or sustainably-sourced materials, and hey, what if we could find goods we liked that were handmade by American artisans?  Yeah, registering was a challenge, alright.

Well, we finally found a way.

Amazon offers the ability to add things to a registry that come from any website, anywhere.  They reserve the right to re-route you to a vendor that they’re partnered with that sells the same item, if there is one… but if there is such a vendor for most of what we’ve registered for, I’ll be amazed.  And hey, if there is?  Good on Amazon for partnering with them.  Either way, subverting Amazon’s tech to suit our “buy local (or at least American), buy organic, buy sustainable” ethos amuses us entirely too much not to do it.

Everything on our registry has been researched pretty well… the majority of it comes from small shops employing true artisans who are handcrafting these goods from sustainable and often organic materials.  In many cases, the manufacturers are also green businesses using environmentally responsible methods.  There may be a couple of things here or there whose manufacturing practices haven’t been particularly well researched, but they are the minority.

And so, without any further ado… our wedding registry