…sharing the same cup of water


And so, it begins…

Well, dear readers, we’ve already heard back from the seller…


Our offer has been accepted!!  We’re scheduled to close 15 June, and take possession 15 July, as the seller is waiting for the builders to finish her new home!


Now, there are still things that could go wrong, of course, but pending inspections and our pre-approval turning into an approval, the Dippybirds have a cosy new nest!!

Save the Date!

On Saturday, 19 May 2012, we will be hosting a garden tea party in the sleepy little Midwestern city of Tecumseh, Michigan. 

In order to help facilitate your comfort in attending — as well as to document our own descent into madness — we will be adding various bits and bobs to this website over the next year and a half or so, offering details about the theme, location and various things we have undertaken in order to bring our vision of the day to fruition.

We do hope you’ll be able to make it.