…sharing the same cup of water

Picture Perfect Preview

We met with our photographer earlier in the month, and were reminded that we still needed to take our engagement photos; you know, while we’re still engaged.  So this week that is exactly what we did!


We took most of them on our property, because it’s a lovely place.  This one is on a set of steps that lead from the walk-out basement to the porch.


We live on 11 acres, mostly wooded.  This shot is in front of a spring-fed pond on the grounds.


There’s more, of course, but these are the first ones to be processed.  We’re very excited to see the rest!  We also can’t recommend the photographer enough.  It can be challenging finding someone who is willing to shoot a Wiccan service, and having to shoot within a circle has its own difficulties.   Our photographer is excited and looking forward to the opportunity.  Check her out if you get the chance!

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