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House Update: Inspection

The inspection was yesterday, though the radon test won’t be done until tomorrow, and hopefully, it will be warm enough when he’s there to pick up the test equipment for our inspector to test the AC unit. No major issues found, though there are a few things that need to be done, here and there.  I’m very pleased with our inspector, Gordon Glidden from US Inspect, I think he works out of their South Lyon office.  He was extremely thorough, let the Reverend accompany him throughout the whole inspection and showed him everything he saw, and explained all of the signs, symptoms, things he was looking for, and so on, whilst I trailed after making copious notes.


We ended up meeting the seller, as she was working at home when we were there. She’s very pleasant and definitely a type A personality, so I don’t think having her fix the few things that really should be will be an issue.  We also found out that her new house has been delayed slightly, so she’s going to go ahead and move out prior to closing, and we’ll be able to take possession on 15 June! Apparently, she’s selling most of the furniture, anyway – in fact, she offered to leave us her patio set.


The neighbours renting the house behind this one have apparently been storing a bunch of stuff in the wee garage, because reasons.  Unfortunately, the one major issue found in the inspection is that one of the walls of that garage is rotting. The grade around the garage is sub-optimal, and the concrete has settled (or just wasn’t originally poured correctly), so it slopes in some areas toward the garage, rather than away, which is bad for drainage and most likely the cause of the issue. Our inspector says that wall has maybe five years left in it, so we’ll have to decide if we want to repair it – which means pretty much re-doing that entire wall, or just remove the garage.


The larger garage has workshop space in the front that would be perfect for a bindery studio when partitioned off from the rest of the garage, and would easily still fit two cars in after such partitioning. On the other side of the workshop space, exterior to but abutting the garage, is a garden shed easily large enough for all of the gardening tools. So, all in all, I don’t see much reason to keep the wee garage. Of course, we won’t need to make a decision on that any time soon.


So, last night, we got the loan application – all 80-some pages of it! – signed. Our mortgage agent has gone ahead and locked in our rate, which is about an eighth of a percentage point lower than originally quoted, and is giving us a credit of some sort on closing costs (I think because of some arrangement with the Reverend’s workplace?), so that’s pretty cool! We need to put together a couple more supporting documents, which should happen today or tomorrow, then we’re off to the underwriters!


Holy cats, I think we’re buying a house!

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