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Nesting Dippybirds

Wow, so, it has been just a wee while since I posted an update about the house hunting…  we finally closed on the 28th of August!  We moved in over Labour Day weekend, and then, of course, I started school the next Tuesday… which would be a big part of why this is the first update since then.

The house is fantastic!  We aren’t anywhere near fully unpacked yet… we don’t have nearly enough bookcases.  I think in the Spring, we’ll build a floor-to-ceiling bookcase for the living room.  Maybe that will hold all the books!

Our first bit of home improvement was to put up a pot rack in the corner of the kitchen.  By no means will that be the last, though… I’ve already created a list of projects.  For the nonce, however, we’re just getting all buttoned up for the winter in our new home, and I’m knitting ALL the things!… at least, when I’m not at school, or doing homework, anyway.  I’m already dreaming of Spring, though, and making plans for the garden.  ~squeeee~

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