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Originally, we were planning to go full-bore Neo-Victorian for our little party. We’ve decided, however, that it’s a bit too rigid and we fancy doing something a little more, well, fanciful.

Having sorted our rings, the design has rather put me in mind of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.  Inspired by that and a few other things, we’ve decided to go with a woodland faerie tale theme, instead… think more Froud than Disney, of course.

This will ease up attire options rather a lot… Anything Steampunk or Neo-Victorian, Faerie-inspired, Bohemian, or in the tattered romantic vein will fit in quite well. Even Renaissance or pirate-wear works! We’re not enforcing a dress code or anything, just inviting folks to play along.

We’re waffling a bit on colours, but this sort of thing does rather lend itself to shades of green rather nicely.

We’re still planning this to be a garden party (under a tent, of course!) with a light tea to be served after the ceremony… quite possibly with croquet after (flamingo optional). We strongly recommend not wearing heels or other terribly impractical shoes for walking in grass.

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