…sharing the same cup of water

What’s All This, Then?

A dippy bird.

Himself, aka The Reverend…

Herself, aka The Angel…

They met in the autumn of 2003, introduced by mutual friends at a gaming convention and almost instantly became best friends.  After over six years, they rather suddenly twigged that there might actually be something to the flirting, finishing each other’s sentences, the fact that they each kept coming back to the other for advice, commiseration, a voice of reason and understanding and finally acted on it… I know, you only ever see that in romance novels and movies starring Julia Roberts, but there it is.

Today, they’re happily ensconced in a sleepy little midwestern town called Ypsilanti, MI.  He’s Security Project Manager for an international consulting firm, she’s a a student pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Queer Studies.  He’s a classical musician, she’s a DJ.  They’re both goths, deeply involved in the Pagan community, charity work, interfaith work and other random madness.

Being geeks, we originally created this blog for our wedding, but we’ve kept it to chronicle our adventures in marriage, and life beyond!

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