…sharing the same cup of water


Yes, we have a theme.  We’re just that kind of crazy.

Both of our protagonists are avid readers – particularly of the fantasy genre.  When we sat down together at Abracadabra to design our rings, we developed plans for a meteorite that came to Earth in the Victorian era to be inlaid in rose gold, with gorgeously dusky purple sapphires that Himself swears look like they’re full of stars.  With such a design, Herself was immediately put in mind of Neil Gaiman’s book, Stardust, and the beginnings of a theme were born.

Our inspirations:

Our frequent question during the planning has been, “What would a Prince of Faerie use for…”

We will be decorating primarily with natural elements and an eye to the fantastic.

Our attire will be made primarily in natural fibres in the colours of a woodland Springtime.  Whilst your hosts will not be winged, you are certainly welcome to wear them if it suits your fancy.

Our teatime menu will be centred on pastries and fresh fruits, with options for vegetarians and gluten-free attendees.  There will, of course, be tea.

Below are some images to give you some ideas…

Tristan at the market across the Wall
Froudian Faeries
 Blonde woman costumed as a faerie
Maybe you like Steampunk?

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