Two Dippy Birds…

…sharing the same cup of water

Fancypants…well, Fancytop at any rate

So we had the dress picked out, ordered, made, and paid for….but I still hadn’t found what I liked for myself!  And since I wasn’t going to marry my Faerie Princess unless I looked suitably like a Prince, doublet-shopping I went.

We found something that was very interesting that we both liked quite a bit, but disappointingly the vendor was…challenging to work with.   Undeterred, we continued our search, and found Judith on EBay.  She makes doublets like this one:

…and precisely my size!  It is now hanging in my closet for the Big Day ™.  It fits like it was made for me, and works very well to give me that suave princely air.  🙂  So that’s one of the big items off of my personal checklist.

For a top, I’m planning on something fairly blowsy and frilly, with black pants (silk!).  I’m eying a pair of boots from Museum Replicas pretty thoughtfully as well.  So the next question is, what if anything do I put on my head?

Rings, Re-redux

As some of you may be aware, we lost one of our beloved companions, Phouka, late in February.  It was sudden, unexpected, and following a short but intense illness.  Vet bills, medicines, tests and the rest rather took a chunk of the money we had set aside for paying for the wedding, and we fairly quickly came to the realisation that we needed to economise quite a lot – and with a scant 10 weeks in which to do so.  The single largest “big ticket item” yet remaining is the rings.  So, Himself and I discussed the matter.  Rather a bit.  Finally, we came to the conclusion that we simply weren’t going to be able to get the rings we’d planned.  And when we reached that agreement, I finally felt like it might be alright to confess that, really, I wasn’t that fussed on them to begin with, but was willing to compromise on that point because Himself seemed to be absolutely over the moon about them.  Well, wouldn’t you know, Himself then confided that he’d thought that all my wittering when I was finding things to like about them was me declaring that I was absolutely in love with them, and he was therefore trying to move Heaven and Earth to get them for us.  Once again, Himself and I very nearly went all Gift of the Magi.

And so it is that the hunt for The Rings resumed.  Rather a bit frantically, as you might imagine, being now a mere 8 weeks and a bit from The Big Day ™.

I am pleased to report that the search has ended with the discovery of George and Suzan Postgate, and their shop, Postgate Fine Jewelers.  After a bit of dithering, here’s what we’ve settled on:

For Himself:

Greenman Ring by Postgate Jewelers

For Myself:

Floral band by Postgate Jewelers


I have to admit, these suit us much better.  And, the pair together will cost us less than one of the rings we’d picked before.  In fact, we’ll have just enough to cover them with Himself’s tax refund, which is due in the next week or so.

Life has a funny way of working out, doesn’t it?

T – 97 days…

Thursday at work it occurred to me that the Big Day ™ is coming up fast… so I worked it out and would you believe, it was precisely 100 days?!  So, yeah, I’ve been in a mild panic about that — there’s still so much to do!

The good news is, though, that it’s all getting done.  I’ve got the invitations worded and laid out, we’ve got the programmes drafted and laid out, my dress has arrived and gotten the needed alterations done (thank you, again, Elayne!)… Pete has been sending me updates of the art and is’t coming together beautifully!  I’ve got the fabric for my veil, though I still need to sort out how long I want it to be and how I want to trim the sides.  Shawn at Fairy Wishing Trees has the main component of our centrepieces well underway.  So far, the only real challenge has been getting a doublet for Himself… we had made arrangements with an artisan on Etsy but she never delivered.  I found something quite smart on eBay, though, and it has already arrived!  Fits beautifully and is higher quality than we had even expected.  If you’re ever in the market for reenactment garb and don’t already have a provider, I highly recommend thlJudith, an eBay seller.  I’m thoughtfully eyeing one of the Tudor gowns she has on Facebook…

The ceremony is coming together nicely and we’ve had some great offers to come help us with various bits of crafting that we’ll need to do between now and then!  Speaking of which, if anyone wants to learn how to make mead, get in touch!  Himself would love some help with that and is happy to teach in return for having a few helping hands!

The gift of your presence…

Himself and I waffled on this rather a lot.  At first, we looked around at our house and lives, said, “eh,” and resolved to not register at all.  As trite as it may sound, truly, your presence at our wedding is all the gift we need.  … then we were told that some people would completely disregard that direction and, in the absence of guidance, would guess at our decorating and ethical preferences… let’s just say we were strongly encouraged to sort out a gift registry.

So we started looking around for stores we could register with, but none of the big box stores that offer such a service offered enough of the items that meet our preferences… trying to “buy local” in a gift registry is nigh-impossible, so we looked for at least domestically-made goods, preferably made from organic or sustainably-sourced materials, and hey, what if we could find goods we liked that were handmade by American artisans?  Yeah, registering was a challenge, alright.

Well, we finally found a way.

Amazon offers the ability to add things to a registry that come from any website, anywhere.  They reserve the right to re-route you to a vendor that they’re partnered with that sells the same item, if there is one… but if there is such a vendor for most of what we’ve registered for, I’ll be amazed.  And hey, if there is?  Good on Amazon for partnering with them.  Either way, subverting Amazon’s tech to suit our “buy local (or at least American), buy organic, buy sustainable” ethos amuses us entirely too much not to do it.

Everything on our registry has been researched pretty well… the majority of it comes from small shops employing true artisans who are handcrafting these goods from sustainable and often organic materials.  In many cases, the manufacturers are also green businesses using environmentally responsible methods.  There may be a couple of things here or there whose manufacturing practices haven’t been particularly well researched, but they are the minority.

And so, without any further ado… our wedding registry

The Great Dippybird Migration

So, there hasn’t been a lot of activity on the site lately, as I’m sure our loyal reader  has noticed.  One of the reasons for this is because we are moving!

Yes, this is our last month in the little country town we’ve been living in for the past couple of years.  We found an absolutely stunning place that is closer to work, includes 11 acres of woods, a pond, and a house that is just wonderful.  Herself and I are very excited about it…

…but there’s no high-speed internet available.  We’ve looked at fixed wireless, DSL, cable, the works.  The only options we have are 1) satellite, or b) cellular.  Of the two, cellular seems to be the least onerous in terms of restrictions, interestingly enough, and will do what we need it to do best (especially MMOs).  All in all though, a really good trade!

We’ll see you in our new place soon!

Dress squee

So, I’ve been in love with Gypsy Moon designs for, like, ever, though I have sadly never purchased anything, as the sizes there are a wee bit small for me.  In contemplating our new Fae inspiration for a theme, however, I went trawling that site and a few others, looking for ideas for a dress.  I saw lots and lots of very pretty things that suited exactly the sort of thing I’m envisioning, but are completely infeasible unless I lose about four inches… not really the best way to deal with a dress for the big day, that.

In poking around the website, however, I came across a few mentions of being able to accomodate custom orders and on a lark, really, decided I’d write and see if they’d even consider doing something in my size.

Candace, the owner, replied to my email in under half an hour, letting me know she’d be pleased to work with me on something for the big day.  We’ve gone back and forth in email a few times, I’ve sent her my measurements and a few photos, and now… the designer whose work I’ve adored for years is custom designing my wedding dress!  ~squeeeeee~  And for less than Himself and I had budgeted to spend!  Eeeee!!!! ~muppetflail~


The first time we went into Abracadabra, Himself positively fell in love with this dark and dusky purple sapphire, which we immediately put a deposit on, even though we hadn’t decided whether it should go in my ring or his. We discussed the improbability of finding a stone to match it, but Katherine said she would see what she could do. She gave us the “sizing trial” rings and we made an appointment to see her again the following week.

Katherine got in touch with the fellow she’d gotten the original stone from and he sent a few options for stones that, if not matching, would at least pair well. He did a rather remarkable job of it, I must say, as there was a slightly smaller stone in the batch that’s a shockingly close a match! Yay! So, now, both stones have deposits down and the ring styles have been chosen!

Two sapphires Two sapphires, picture taken with flash on.


Originally, we were planning to go full-bore Neo-Victorian for our little party. We’ve decided, however, that it’s a bit too rigid and we fancy doing something a little more, well, fanciful.

Having sorted our rings, the design has rather put me in mind of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.  Inspired by that and a few other things, we’ve decided to go with a woodland faerie tale theme, instead… think more Froud than Disney, of course.

This will ease up attire options rather a lot… Anything Steampunk or Neo-Victorian, Faerie-inspired, Bohemian, or in the tattered romantic vein will fit in quite well. Even Renaissance or pirate-wear works! We’re not enforcing a dress code or anything, just inviting folks to play along.

We’re waffling a bit on colours, but this sort of thing does rather lend itself to shades of green rather nicely.

We’re still planning this to be a garden party (under a tent, of course!) with a light tea to be served after the ceremony… quite possibly with croquet after (flamingo optional). We strongly recommend not wearing heels or other terribly impractical shoes for walking in grass.

Rings and Things

Herself and I have been agonizing over rings for a while now.  We wanted something that would express a number of our own values, while still being recognizable as  wedding rings.  Yesterday we visited Abracadbra Jewelry and Gem Gallery,  and worked with the incredibly patient Katherine as we dithered over metals, stones, and so forth.

What we settled on will look a great deal like this, with rose gold and meterorite, with a single stone inset for each.  They had a very unusual sapphire that is a deep purple with what looks like hundreds of tiny multicolored stars within.  They are going to search for something that will correspond with it, and then Herself and I will discuss who gets which stone…  In the meantime we are both wearing “sizing rings”; since they custom make each ring, they can size them very precisely.  The rings we’re wearing now will allow us to see if the size is comfortable for us during everyday wear, how well they stay on overnight/showering/during extended gaming sessions, and so forth.  A pretty nifty idea!

The precious metals are all recycled, and the stones are all ethically sourced, so we feel really good about the provenance of the rings when all is said and done.  And there really -is- something about having starmetal on your finger–we may not have travelled quite as far to find each other, but our love will last at least as long.